Sound On Site founder Jerry
Turnbow making his stage
debut circa 1957.
Note the advanced,
 state-of-the-art sound system.



Meeting with a vendor at the
 National Association of Musical
 Instrument Manufacturers, 
circa 1997




Sound On Site founder, Jerry Turnbow, has been involved with music all his life, beginning with piano and voice lessons in the third grade, playing violin in orchestras and ensembles in grade school through college, and performing in various rock and roll, folk, country, and bluegrass bands over the years.

 He became involved with the technical aspects of theatrical performances in high school and college, designing and operating sound and lighting for numerous productions.


Educated in electrical engineering, his first exposure to pro sound reinforcement came when he joined a local communications systems contractor in 1976. In his nearly 17 years there he progressed from service manager to director of engineering and operations, working with sound systems both large and small, including renovations to those at Busch Stadium and the now-defunct Missouri Arena (aka "The Checkerdome").

In 1992, he became the director of engineering for a St. Louis based manufacturer of musical instrument amplifiers and sound equipment, managing a group of engineers, technicians, and computer-aided design workers in developing products for the musical instrument and sound reinforcement markets.


Sound On Site was created in December of 2002 when Jerry decided to expand his sound system to meet increasing demand for larger, outdoor shows for his own band.
He started doing additional sound work for others to help offset the cost of his investment, as well as to provide more opportunities to work "hands on" with the system, something he enjoys as much as performing himself.


Jerry currently plays keyboards, fiddle, and acoustic and electric guitars in  several "Parrothead" bands that cover Jimmy Buffett tunes and other "trop rock" material.

Jerry derives a great deal of satisfaction from being able to combine his technical and musical abilities, and his passion for customer service, to help make every show a memorable experience for the audience, the performers, and the event organizers







Main sound cluster at the
Arena, lowered to the ice
for renovation, circa 1979



Jerry Turnbow at the mixing
 console on a live concert


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